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Woodview, Residential Housing, Duplex & Apartment Development Dublin. 2002-2005
(€10M estimated construction value)

Clinton McHenry for DBFL Consulting Civil & Structural Engineers.

The development comprised four 3-storey houses, a three-storey block of terraced duplexes and four apartment blocks each of 4-storeys and basement carpark. The form of construction for the houses and duplexes consisted of load bearing masonry walls bearing on strip footings. At ground level the floor construction was a ground-bearing slab. First floors were constructed from pre-cast hollow core panels. Second floors and roof were of timber construction. The apartment blocks consisted of load-bearing masonry walls supporting pre-cast hollow-core floor units. Roof construction was a cut timber frame. The load bearing walls were supported on a reinforced concrete transfer slab at ground floor which formed the roof to the carpark. The slab was supported by both reinforced concrete columns and retaining walls and in-turn supported by pad and strip footings.